How To Add Style To Your Decorative Bowls

One of our favorite gift options is bowls! It is amazing the versatility that these objects can bring to the table ( pun intended! ). If you have ever wondered how to bring style to the decorative bowls that sit on the surfaces of your home, then you are in the right place. 

1. Vintage Items

Items you have collected over the years and unusual oddities can be a creative way of decorating your bowls. 

2. Natural Objects

Seashells, dried berries and sugar pine cones are some of the many options for fillers. 

3. Plants 

Weather they are live or faux, plants come in different sizes and styles so finding the right match for your bowl is an easy choice. 

4. Glass Marbles 

Beads and marbles made out of glass are an inexpensive option that come in different color combinations. When combined with natural light, they tend to shimmer and add vibrancy to the room.

5. Decorative Orbs

As of late, orbs made out of twigs, vines and wicker have become quite popular. Combine orbs of different materials to add texture and interest to any bowl. 

If you know of more ways to decorate a bowl at home, we would love to hear them! 

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